北京第二实验小学怡海分校 发布时间:2008-08-03

Beijing NO.2 Experimental  Primary School at Yihai

The Beijing NO.2 Experimental Primary School at Yihai, is a private boarding school supported by the public, founded by the YiHai Garden Real Estate Company and jointly operated by the well-known Beijing Second Experimental Primary School.  The establishment of this school was authorized by the Beijing Municipal Education committee in 1998. YiHai Campus is a boarding school for primary school students in Beijing. The school promotes "self-confidence, self-esteem, self-reliance, and self-renewal," with the goal, "Be a first class school."
Modern facilities: YiHai School is well-equipped with modern facilities including an aquarium, a Butterfly Museum, a gymnasium, as well as reading, piano, and multi-function rooms.  It has apartment dormitories and a dining hall for the students.  The learning environment surpasses that of average schools with classrooms that are fully-equipped with excellent lighting, air-conditioning, arc blackboards, and European-style desks and chairs.
The environmental construction with human culture: The partnership of the distinguished YiHai Garden Real Estate Company and the Beijing Second Experimental Primary school, under the direction of modern management, has enabled YiHai Primary School to provide superb student services in the areas of security, sanitation, landscaping, and nutrition. With the support of the Beijing Second Experimental Primary School, our school has reaped the benefits of educational and teaching guidance, and experienced management and teaching staff.  It now has a staff of 140 and a total enrollment of 1000 students. YiHai Primary School has entered into an alliance with Beijing No. 8 Middle School, YiHai Campus.
School goals: To be a first class school, providing first class education
A first class school is defined as one with updated facilities and management, an excellent teaching staff and outstanding school achievements. An education with advanced pedagogical ideas, superb educational modes and teaching methods, and the highest instructional quality characterizes a first class education. It has been said that private schools survive on the number of students enrolled and develop on the teaching quality; but we believe that our survival and development depend on the latter. We see it as our lifeline, from which we can survive and develop.
Guiding principles: To focus on the development of the students
The essence of education is to educate the soul. The main purpose is to lay a foundation for the development of the whole person. (to fulfil the harmonious development of mankind and society, students and teachers)
The YiHai educational practices provide students with trust and respect. The school has been working actively on how to develop a child's potential to the fullest. We hold to the teaching idea of "Different students with different education, develop personal education", which was put forward by Professor Zhangmeiling and Shijiannong , the educational experts from the Chinese Academy of Science, and also the advisors in our school. YiHai School is a place to enjoy a happy education. The children are sure to love their school, teachers and the subjects they learn; furthermore, they will love studying, learning how to learn, in order to build an educational foundation and have life-long comprehensive skills. All the parents are satisfied with the education quality here and send their children to YiHai School without any worries.
The Confidence and guarantee: The core rests on the management and the key lies in the teaching staff.
Humanistic management----To cultivate and supervise the teachers in a democratic and scientific way with affection and bonuses.
Scientifically building up the school----YiHai School is an experimental base area for the educational sub-issues of the ten national scientific main issues in the 10th National Five- year Plan.
The school is carrying out a three program strategy:
The "Gardener Program" is to build a highly-qualified and well-allotted teaching staff proficient in professional ethics and teaching skills.
The "Excellence Program" is to create first-class school achievements.
The "Environment Program" is to create amenable school surroundings that are planned in compliance with the requirements of modern education and that are suitable for the children's development.